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Great Story.  Fabulous Gift.

Inspiring, compelling and true. Anyone going through a career transition will love this book.

From the Ground Up  traces the multi-faceted career journey of Brian Pecon, an Air Force pilot who leaves the military, goes back to school and sets his sights on becoming a top business executive. Well on his way to achieving that goal at American Airlines, he suddenly decides to quit and take a chance on a fledgling  upstart called Federal Express. Today that decision would be a no-brainer. But in 1973, with a young bride and growing family in tow, many considered the move reckless and even irresponsible–not Brian. Find out why…

 Success Leaves Clues.

 In Today’s Economy the ability to reinvent yourself is not an option…It is a necessity. The decision-making best practices Brian Pecon discovered and began putting to use almost 45 years ago, are listed at the end of each chapter and embedded throughout the book in a myriad of personal examples.

Presented as life lessons & leadership maxims, these core principles have helped Brian lead, manage and reinvent himself time and again. Though not fool proof or applicable to every environment or situation, put into practice with sincere effort, these principles are likely to help anyone become a better leader and decision maker.

A Reinvention Road Map.

From the Ground Up is chock full of success, failure and career transition insights. Whether you are moving in, out, up or down, in the public, private, military, or education world, or as an entrepreneur or business owner, you will find Brian’s Top 25 Lessons Learned and Nine Timeless Leadership Maxims a helpful and accurate resource for the road ahead.