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"Put From The Ground Up by Brain Pecon on your reading list so as to find out about what it took to build the corporate success that is today’s global-leading FedEx as well as to learn what it takes to succeed as an individual in today’s competitive business environment. The Simon Business School is immensely proud and grateful to count Brian as an alum."

Mark Zupan
Dean of Simon Business School, University of Rochester
"I have known Brian since the fall of 19965, as we were students together in the MBA program at the University of Rochester.  He has had an amazing career, continually looking for new and different challenges and reinventing himself to suit the opportunity.  His biography is an exciting, interesting and insightful look at Brian's 70+ years and his fascinating career."

Mark S. Ain
Chairman, Kronos, Inc.
"Nowhere in these pages [From The Ground Up] will you find a magic pill.  This is a story of working hard, critical thinking, and getting the job done.  A real education for today's world."

Richard Murff
Author, Editor, Front Street
"After meeting Brian and reading 'From the Ground Up,' I came to the realization that this book isn't your typical biography about an extremely successful man but a blueprint for leading an extremely successful life.  Each chapter is written as a parable relating to a specific event and how he reacted to these family and career situations.  Brian shows, through his life experiences, that many of life's problems can be effectively solved without sacrificing one's compassion, professionalism and faith.  I have no doubt this book will provide valuable insight as to the way people view their lives."

Robert Jordan
Assistant Dean, College of Engineering, Boston University
"This book is about a caterpillar who became a butterfly.  But with persistence, courage, discipline and imagination, Brian Pecon didn't stop there; he went on to become an eagle, a gazelle, and a king salmon.  Follow him from Massachusetts, to the military, to Memphis, management consulting and the ministry as he follows the gleam, and tells us how successful self-reinvention is done."

Steve Weitz
First Vice President, Fusion Analytics, Investment Partners, LLC.
"Brian has been teaching me valuable lessons of leadership for years, including the time that I knew him before reading his remarkable book, 'From the Ground Up.'  By working together at our church, and by also seeing him in action across a number of community and business related opportunities, I have observed an authentic intellectual curiosity, a desire to try new things and a determination to make a real difference in people's lives."

Tom Carpenter
Director Supply Chain, International Paper
"As the person himself, Brian Pecon’s friendship has been reliable, dependable and solid for almost 40 Years through the common bonding of our faith and our Church and Brian’s employer Federal Express.

FedEx from its early beginning played important aspects in the formation of Youth Service, USA, a national non-profit program that touched countless numbers of young people, and in turn families, of lower income and government dependent status. Brian was one of those major planners in the new venture called Federal Express.

Through his knowledgeable input, Brian, and other volunteers teamed up with me in my calling as Founder and Executive Director of Youth Service, USA, to generate for America, countless numbers of young adults who developed a sense of hope and in turn a rewarding life."

Reverend Donald E. Mowery
Founder and Executive Director, Youth Service, USA