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Brian Pecon’s Bio


“Sixty-Second Primer”

At the age of twelve, in a small New England town, Brian Pecon got his first job at the age of 12, delivering daily newspapers for $1.75 a week before school. This early morning effort taught him the value of a strong work ethnic and the early financial rewards to eventually purchase a vehicle on his own.

Never satisfied with the status quo, Brian was always willing to reinvent himself, but he never really lost his desire to fly. After his Air Force career had taken him beyond the safety of New England, he completed his engineering and business education degrees and joined the management of American Airlines in Tulsa, OK.:  it was good money with a stable company in a growing industry. He was set.

About seven years later, he got a call from Memphis about a new start up company with a revolutionary idea: the company was called Federal Express. The entire five person family was nervous, but he took the gamble. It was the best business decision he’d ever made.

What follows, detailed in From the Ground Up: A Lifelong Journey in Reinventing Yourself is the remarkable story of a man who was willing to face change, even relished it.  It is a life not marked by the Midas touch, but hard work, brutal accountability, and careful decision-making.

There are missteps along the way, the start-up quick-lube service, Specialty Lubrication had to be terminated. But failure as well as success, is what makes Brian’s story so compelling ­– a must read for the student of modern entrepreneurship. There are ups and downs, and while the ups are euphoric, the downs are educational.

In 1992, Brian joined a team to breach what was a new and unstable frontier, to develop an adult cancer center in the former Soviet Union. Lack of Federal funding support for such a major international effort didn’t help, but taught him the nuances of international private and public business.  Since then he has turned his attention to giving back through the public sector to direct economic development in his adopted home of Shelby County and Memphis, TN.

A remarkable story of perseverance, analysis, action and – above all – a willingness to adapt, From The Ground Up is the perfect book for today’s ever-changing economy.